Developing Elite Dental Performance

Promethean Dental Systems develops proven dental performance for dental applicants, students, professionals through a combination of traditional learning, advanced simulation, objective assessment and performance analytics.  Our approach to developing performance is similar to the development of a world-class athlete.  Our team supports your dental performance development from your initial interest in applying to dental school to your retirement as a professional.


Athletic recruits rely on coaches to become an elite athlete.  Dental applicants can rely on the Promethean Dental Systems’ Virtual Advisor to provide guidance, coaching, insights and support to become an Elite Dental Applicant.


Dental Admissions Society

Undergraduate Health and Sciences students are supported by advisors who advise on numerous career paths.  Their time is limited and does not allow them to focus solely on Dental Careers.  Promethean Dental Systems engages undergraduate students who have an interest in Dentistry and provides a Virtual Advisor that advises, provides insights and analytics, educates, develops, and supports them to become an Elite Dental Applicant, prior to dental school. The Dental Admissions Society is our community that provides a milestone roadmap for dental applicants that includes learning courses, dental school and dental company presentations, advanced application preparation tools, individual insights and industry analytics.

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Athletic recruits attend camps to further develop and assess their skills to become elite athletes.  Dental Applicants can attend a Promethean Dental Systems’ Performance Bootcamp to further develop and assess their level of performance, meet future classmates, and be regarded as an Elite Dental Applicant.


Performance Bootcamp

Promethean Dental Systems collaborates with Lincoln Memorial University to provide five (5), 4-Day Performance Bootcamps a year.  The bootcamps are scheduled during Spring Break, June, July, August, and December.  Each bootcamp can have up to 40 participants who want to assess their abilities to perform dentistry and assess their readiness for dental school.  Our faculty and advisors help applicants prepare for admissions, perform patient-less simulation, work with teams, complete learning courses, get a personality assessment, learn about professional behavior, and provide valuable feedback that helps dental applicants improve their performance and positioning for the application process and become an Elite Dental Applicant.

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Elite amateur athletes rely on a support system that develops, coaches and maximizes their performance to become an elite athlete. Dental Students can leverage the Promethean Dental Systems’ Performance Simulation Lab to develop their skills to deliver dental services with the quality and speed required to be an Elite Dental Student.


School Performance Services

Promethean Dental Systems is the exclusive partner for Simodont installation and training in North America and have designed the most advanced simulation procedures and programs like Self Taught Remediation and Repetition Boosting.  Promethean Dental Systems provides patient-less simulation and an integrated approach with a School's Patient Clinic to provide a comprehensive Performance Sim Lab.  We work with Lincoln Memorial University Dental School, using advanced technology like AI, Machine Grading, Virtual Reality, Haptics and Performance Analytics to increase repetitions and muscle memory. 

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Elite amateur athletes are assessed in events like the NFL Combine by professional teams to understand their level of performance and organizational fit. Dental Students and Dental Practices and Groups can leverage the Promethean Dental Systems’ Performance Institute to assess the Production $/Day performance level of a Dental Student or Dental Professional to assist them in the hiring process.


The Performance Institute at LMU

Promethean Dental Systems collaborates with Lincoln Memorial University Dental School to teach, assess and provide feedback on performance in the Performance Institute at LMU.  The Performance Institute evaluates the production/day capabilities of dental students and professionals and provides the first comprehensive evaluation of a dental professional, as well as the first performance grade for professionals.  Promethean provides these services to Dental Students, Dental Professionals and Dental Practices to develop and assess Elite Performance.


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Elite professional athletes continue to practice, develop new skills, and maximize their performance to become an elite professional. Dental Professionals can leverage the Promethean Dental Systems’ Performance Learning to meet their annual CE requirements and develop new dental service and practice management skills, making them an Elite Dental Professional.


Performance Learning

Promethean Dental Systems collaborates with LMU to provide Performance Learning.  All courses and subscriptions are distributed in channels that leverage a National KOL network, led by LMU Faculty.  Learning channels include Topical Areas of Dentistry and Dental Products.  All Dental Product subscriptions include products leveraged by Elite Students, Professionals and Practices at LMU and The Performance Institute, by LMU Faculty.  All modes of learning are used in courses and subscriptions and accredited through AGD Pace.  All courses are delivered using a Learning Management System that provides easy, only access to learning.

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Professional teams are always looking for elite professional athletes. Dental Practices and Groups want to hire talented professionals and have a relationship with Dental Schools. Promethean Dental Systems collaborates with LMU to provide Affiliate Dental Practices and Groups with an opportunity to work with and train Dental Students, while benefiting from discounted services that help them become Elite Dental Practices.


Affiliate Performance Network

Promethean Dental Systems collaborates with Lincoln Memorial University Dental School to extend student learning into Affiliate Dental Practices.  The network of Affiliate Practices assists the Dental School by providing opportunities for dental students to develop and become Elite Dental Professionals.  Affiliate Practices benefit from the relationships formed with Elite Dental Professionals that may work for their practices in the future.  Affiliate Practices also benefit from services and discounts provided by LMU to support their affiliation and efforts to become more efficient, grow, develop a strong employee culture and provide dental care for the community.


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