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Our team of experienced dental educators and business leaders are on a mission to EXPLORE all possibilities to EVOLVE dental education across the entire dental life cycle using simulation.  Our team combines simulated procedure repetitions, simulated dental workflows and standard didactic learning with objective assessments to build skills for pre-admission students, dental and hygiene students, faculty, and licensed dental professionals.



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All didactic courses are delivered 24/7 via an advanced learning management platform.
All courses are assessed and visual feedback is provided.



Our Pre-Admissions Courses, Subscriptions, and Programs are designed for students and professionals seeking to build skills, provide evidence of hand skills, prepare for the admissions process and create a competitive advantage that lowers their cost of dental education.

  • Pre-Admissions Bootcamps that provide an immersive dental school experience
  • Your first exposure to objective assessments that are accurate and fair
  • International Dentist Programs that improve application readiness and acceptance
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Learn more about the services provided by Promethean Dental Systems to Dental Schools and Hygiene Programs to support the implementation, training and integration of the Simodont and Digital Technology to deliver simulated repetitions and workflows that evolve dental education.

  • Innovative courses and learning programs that augment existing curriculum
  • Enhancing the educational process with of multiple modes of learning
  • Improving clinical skills with integrated simulations using the Simodont, Manikin and Digital Workflow
  • Increasing the number of repetitions and reducing the time required to perform as a professional


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We partner with SRTA to provide Licensure Examinations in three modes:  Patient, Manikin and Multimodal.  We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation.  Our examinations are all machine graded, accurate and objective.  We provide visual feedback and free retakes.  We offer non-dental school testing locations that allow convenient scheduling and lower stress.  Our exams are accepted 76% of the U.S. States and Territories.

  • Can customize the exam to meet the needs of each State Dental Board
  • All of our examiners are present or past State Dental Board members
  • Our exams more convenient to schedule, less costly and less stressful
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Promethean Dental Systems is partnering with the brands and personalities you trust for continuing education to deliver learning management and unique continuing education courses. 

  • Course Development for Dental Companies, Dental Practices and Dental Thought Leaders
  • Online and live course and event management and distribution
  • Accreditation for CE Courses 
  • Unique simulation courses for single technology, multiple technology and end to end workflow


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Remediate+ is an exclusive partnership with the American Association of Dental Boards (AADB). It is a fully customized remediation program designed to help support State Dental Boards in their mission to educate oral health practitioners who show signs of benefiting from additional training. All courses are standardized and use a multimodal remediation curriculum that is customized to fit the remediation needs of the professional. We provide online, visual results that provide evidence of completion and evidence of performance to professionals and state dental boards, post-remediation.

We provide and are continuously building tools to help investigative leads for state boards to identify potential licensee risks or challenges before they happen.

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