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6.2.1 Furnished Licensure Examination Supplies

What supplies are furnished for the Licensure Examination?

  • Composite A2 Filtek
  • Mylar Strip
  • Composite Polishing Discs
  • Polishing Wheel
  • Polishing Strips
  • Pumice-coarse
  • Polishing cups
  • Dispersalloy Amalgam
  • Amalgam Carrier
  • Articulating paper
  • Wooden wedges
  • Composite Dispensing Gun
  • AH Plus
  • Root Canal Sealing Material
  • HS Evac tip
  • Alcohol Swab
  • Mixing pad
  • Absorbent paper points
  • Gutta percha points 
  • Rubber Dam
  • 12b Blade
  • Butane Burner for heating your instrument to sear off the gutta percha


We furnish:

  • A dental mobile delivery cart with compressor.  There is a PIEZO Ultrasonic Scaler on this unit.  There is no Cavitron and no hookup for a Cavitron.
  • Amalgamator
  • Simodont
  • Manikin
  • Models for preps and restorations


 Below are burs that we have on hand. We strongly suggest you bring your own favorite burs.

burrs*Bur #’s are listed in the kits