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The Lincoln Memorial University College of Dental Medicine offers the most advanced dental education curriculum, offering students the latest in digital, virtual reality, haptic and simulated learning.  LMU is the first college of dental medicine to offer an Admissions Bootcamp that allows students an opportunity to work with their peers for 4 days and learn about the college, dental subject matter, how to provide the best application, meet with admissions for an interview and demonstrate your hand skills, which is required to gain admission to LMU.  LMU has partnered with Promethean Dental Systems to provide hand skill courses and assessments.

Not only will you learn from lectures, but you will also be introduced to the Simodont Dental Trainer to evaluate and enhance your psychomotor skills, which will be required by more dental schools and hygiene programs each year.  The Simodont allows you to experience life-like virtual and haptic dental procedures.   It's just like working on a patient.  You will be working directly with dental professionals and educators in this 4-day camp.


Next Bootcamp Date:  July 11-14, 2022

Goals of 4-day Admissions Bootcamp

Prepare for admissions, work with teams, learn from didactic lectures, learn, elevate and improve hand skills, get a personality assessment, learn about professional behavior, introduction to courses such as:

  • • Tooth Numbering and Dental Anatomy
  • • Application Assessment and Improvement
  • • Dental Materials and Digital Dentistry
  • • Experience the Dental School Environment
  • • Interview with the Admissions Team

Hand Skill Course and Certification on the Simodont Dental Trainer:

3 hours of preparation/practice followed by 1 hour assessment


Additional Dates

        August 1-4   December 12-15


Learn about dental anatomy, tooth numbering, dental materials, digital dentistry, how to improve your application, tour the dental school and interview with Admissions

The boot camp will introduce you to the dental school admissions process and dental topics through a series of didactic lectures and keynote speakers.  Upon completion of this bootcamp, you will have a profile listing your scores, skills and assessments as well as knowledge needed to improve your dental school application and interview capabilities, which can be used when applying to any dental school. 


Lincoln Memorial University - College of Dental Medicine will be conducting official interviews for attendees who are applying to LMU and will provide the Hand Skill Assessment Course and Certification, which are both required for LMU Admission.  This opportunity to complete both the interview and hand skills certification at the same time, with LMU faculty and administrators is unique to the application process and may lead to immediate application acceptance by LMU.  

Admissions Bootcamp Course Detailed Information

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