Stage 1: Pre-Admissions

Learn more about our Pre-Admissions Courses, Subscriptions, and Programs that are designed for students and professionals seeking to build skills, provide evidence of hand skills, prepare for the admissions process and create a competitive advantage that lowers their cost of dental education.


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Evidence of Hand Skills

Something as valuable as drivers and passengers ignored seat belts for many years. Although it had to be required by many states, inevitably, the value of safety won, and today almost everyone recognizes the importance of wearing a seat belt. Hand skills are just as valuable to dental professionals and their patients. Dentists and hygienists must have proven psychomotor skills to be licensed and remain licensed. However, testing hand skills is currently NOT required to be admitted into a dental school or dental hygiene program. Like not using seat belts, this lack of testing hand skills contributes to long-term dental education issues. For example, increased costs, lower quality, passing students along, teaching students to pass board exams vs. teaching students to become dental professionals, and ultimately a dire need for professional remediation. Dental and dental hygiene students are admitted to schools each year who do not have the required hand skills. A lack of hand skills WILL lead to costly remediation and potential dismissal, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to both students and the school.


We have made it affordable to test your hand skills. 

Take the course today, build your confidence and prepare yourself for a successful career in dentistry.

Competitive Advantage for Admissions

Everyone follows the same standard for preparing for the admissions process for dental schools or dental hygiene programs. Undergrads and International Dentists submit an application to ADEA, who then provides applications to schools and programs. The majority of students are applying to 5 or more schools/programs, which includes additional admission fees to ADEA and schools and travel costs for each school visited. 

We know you will invest in a DAT prep course and take the DAT, just like everyone else. It's required. However, how would you like to stand out from the rest of the crowd? Promethean Dental Systems provides a comprehensive Pre-Admissions Subscription that costs $4/course. The subscription prepares students for their application, personal statement, admissions interviews, and potential career options, including anatomy and initial clinical courses. The subscription creates a competitive advantage for the admissions process. Both the subscription and hand skills course and assessment are offered in the Pre-Admissions Bootcamp. Promethean Dental Systems also provides the only comprehensive International Dentist Program with an NDBE-like academic exam and a hand skill challenge exam to provide you with a competitive advantage as an International Dentist.  

Lower Cost of Dental Education

How much does it cost you if you don't have hand skills? How much does it cost you if you are unfamiliar with dental schools and dental hygiene programs before the admissions process? Have you asked any dental or dental hygiene students how much it costs? They would tell you that they spent too much applying to dental school and did not have any suitable source of information or analytics that guided them to choose where to apply. They would tell you that they wish they had more confidence in their hand skills before applying to school. They will tell you they wish they had more case repetitions in school to build their confidence for their career. The costs to apply are just one element of the overall costs of dental education. Promethean Dental Systems provides courses, programs, and subscriptions that create a competitive advantage for Pre-Admissions students and lower the cost of admissions preparation by 50%.

Pre-Admissions Courses, Programs, and Subscriptions

Dental Pre-admissions Courses, Programs and Subscriptions

Pre-Admissions Hand Skill Building and Assessment 


6-hours of hand skills, restorative preps, crown preps, direct/ indirect vision, ergonomic positioning, objective assessment, immediate feedback, performance analytics and it includes: Pre-Admissions Learning Subscription.
Pre-Admissions Learning Subscription

Pre-Admissions Learning Subscription


22-didactic course, 4-formative exams, 1-summative exam, preparation for your application, personal statement, admissions interview, and career options.  Also includes a 50% discount on the Pre-Admissions Hand Skills Course and Assessment.
Pre-Admissions Bootcamp

Pre-Admissions Bootcamp


A 4-day student experience with a 4-hour hand skill course and assessment, 22-didactic courses, 4-formative exams, 1-summative exam, preparation for your application, personal statement, admissions interview, and career options.
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International Dentist Program


Preparation for your application, personal statement, admissions interview, and career options.  Preparation for the INDBE including a Board Vitals, 400 Additional Test Questions, 6 Additional Practice Exams and Hand Skills Practice.   Typically a $1,500 value.

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Promethean Dental Systems collaborated with our team to design and implement the first Pre-Admissions Bootcamp that provides multimodal learning and simulation and provides a competitive advantage for admissions.
Trish Walker
Hygiene Program Director, Lincoln Memorial University
I had such an incredible experience with Promethean Dental Systems. They provided me with insight on the dental profession and introduced me to similar didactic courses that I would take in dental school. The Simodont training, amazing staff and admissions preparation set this Bootcamp apart from the rest. I highly recommend all pre-dentals to take advantage of this program!
Hallea Rae Barnhill
Pre-Admissions Student