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Top Ten Tips for Preparing for Your Dental or Dental Hygiene Licensure Exam

Dr. MaryJane Hanlon, March 30, 2022

As the former Associate Dean of a major dental school in the northeast, we ran, on average, two manikins (prosthodontics & endodontics) exams, two patient exams – replaced by manikins during COVID – and two make-up exams annually. In addition, I have been an examiner for three organizations which has provided a lot of insights on how to best prepare for your licensing exam. Today, I will share my top ten tips to prepare for the exam, so let's jump in!

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February 2, 2022

The time has come for us to have a federal reciprocity agreement to travel across state lines to practice. What is reciprocity? Reciprocity is an agreement between two or more states that allows a dentist or dental hygienist licensed in one state to receive, usually without further examination or requirements, a license to practice in any of the other states in the reciprocity agreement.

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I absolutely loved the Lincoln Memorial Admissions Bootcamp!

January 28, 2022

I found out about the camp over the summer from Dr. Denise Terese-Koch, Dean of LMU College of Dental Medicine.  I expressed interest in applying for a Fall 2022 admission and she recommended it so that I could get a feel of the university as well as learn from some really talented dental professionals!

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Choosing An Ethical Path in Dentistry

January 26, 2022

One of the top reasons dentists are required to go through remediation is because they chose to do something that may cross the gray line of ethical vs. unethical.  

Let’s review ethics and its impact on the field of dentistry.  First, though, let’s review some basic principles of ethics.

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How do I prepare for Dental School?

March 1, 2021

  • You have great grades

  • You are working with a Pre-Dental Advisor

  • You joined a Pre-Dental Club

  • You participated in extracurriculars. You passed the DAT

So you are prepared for Dental School, right?

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Our Customers Always Come First

March 8, 2021 

Based on availability, all board eligible candidates may practice at our center in Athens, Georgia, free of charge, instead of taking the Board Prep Course.

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Dare to Dream ... Big!

March 15, 2021 

“Operating the Simodont was a fascinating experience. Having never operated a VR device, I was impressed with how quickly I was able to navigate the interface. The handpiece, mirror, burs, and view are so intuitive and accurate to the clinical setting. Also, the feel of tooth structure (enamel and dentin) during preparation is surprisingly authentic. From a training and testing perspective, I feel that the white virtual tooth representation enhances shadows and imperfections that may not be obvious on an actual tooth. This view caused me to critique my effort and attempt to improve the result organically.” 

-Tom McDonald, D.M.D.



Financial Performance is tied to Hand Skills

April 5, 2021 

Financial performance in a dental practice is fundamentally tied to productivity of the dental practitioners. Practice revenue is largely driven by dental procedures, both the type of and volume, in conjunction with the fees collected. Those in practice fundamentally realize this relationship as most practice performance metrics are built around production/net production/ and collections.  Failure to meet these goals will oftentimes carry significant financial consequences for a practitioner.   Pay decreases, missed bonuses, and even business failure can result.


The Only Constant in Life is Change!

April 19, 2021


Dental education, as well as the dental profession, are equally subject to the vagaries of the inevitability of change. We should welcome this change as an opportunity to improve all that we do and adjust our course accordingly.

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Are you ready to change patient's lives?

May 6, 2021 

You are not just joining a dental practice; you are also joining a business. A business that runs on UCRs for procedures and daily production targets. You will interpret radiographs and diagnostic tests. You will provide treatment plans that will improve and restore patient’s oral health. You will change people’s lives. You may also be a part of the 90% of licensed dentists who have a fear of being sued by their patients.

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Begin with the end in mind

May 8, 2021

You’re in high school and you have figured out what you want to do with your life. Like me, you might be around 14, and you have just announced to your mom or dad or anyone who will listen – “I am going to be a dentist!” Not, “I want,” you stated, “I am.” What is the difference, you wonder? The difference is HUMUNGOUS! I want implies you are “thinking about it,” but there is still hesitation in that statement. I am is definitive. It is on point, and it’s on purpose. Congratulations! You now have the end in mind! Now, all you need to do is figure out how to get there!

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Change your thinking

May 13, 2021 

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”- 

-Albert Einstein 

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If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you

May 14, 2021 

Many people may not like to be challenged. Maybe for them, it equates to something they perceive as being hard, unpleasant, or extra work. But every challenge is an opportunity to grow, to get better, to be better.
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Assessment Drives Instruction

May 24, 2021 

As an educator I firmly believe that assessment drives instruction. I will take that one step further to say that assessment drives the curriculum. I would encourage dental schools to take advantage of the implementation of the INDBE, to realign their curriculum to match the assessment, thus improving the clinical knowledge and performance of their graduates. 


Virtual Haptic Simulators ... Where is the Research?

May 24, 2021

Skepticism to change or adopt new technology is fueled primarily by a lack of understanding, public misinformation and personal agendas. Promethean Dental Systems has compiled a research library that proves the Simodont should be in simulation labs beside the Manikin. Together they can elevate dental education as a part of a multimodal learning approach that increases the pace and depth of learning, while providing fair standards, objective assessments, real-time access to data and analytics. 
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Call Me A Subjectivity Hater

June 9, 2021

 SUBJECTIVE— Dependent on or taking place in a person’s mind rather than the external world, based on a given person’s experience, understanding, and feelings; personal or individual (


OBJECTIVE— Existing independent of or external to the mind; actual or real, based on observable phenomena; empirical, uninfluenced by emotions or personal prejudices ( 

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Preparation is the Key to Success

October 4, 2021 

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.

- Alexander Graham Bell 

We hear it all the time, "preparation is the key to success". But what if you don’t know how to prepare for success in a career that you don’t know anything about? Sure, dentistry looks interesting and pays well. But do you really know what a dentist or a dental hygienist does all day? Would I prefer dental hygiene practice or being a dentist? What’s the difference?