3.1.1 About PDS Evolve

What is PDS Evolve?

PDS Evolve is the 5-Stage Dental Education approach established by Promethean Dental Systems.  PDS Evolve consists of the following 5 stages:


  1. Pre-Admissions
  2. School Services
  3. Licensure Examinations
  4. Continuing Education
  5. Remediation


The 5 stages provide dental education from the time someone expresses an interest in high school or college until they retire.  The courses provided are taught in multiple modes (Multimodal).  We provide online didactic and simulation courses that utilize manikins, Simodonts, and a full array of digital dental software and hardware.   Promethean Dental Systems provides courses that are not available in Dental Schools, Hygiene Programs and Continuing Education.  We look forward to serving our customer's needs and evolving dental education.