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4.2.2 Course Objectives for Pre-Admissions Hand Skills Course and Assessment

What are the objectives for the Pre-Admissions Hand Skills Course and Assessment?

The objectives are to learn and demonstrate the ability to remove decay (Red) from a tooth (Block) without removing dentin (Green) or going through the side or bottom of the block and by achieving a final score of 85 or above.  The course teaches students using a randomized approach to the the use of blocks and students who can score an 85 or above in 6, 1-hours sessions demonstrate the hand skills required to become a dental professional.  The following picture demonstrates the series of five blocks and examples of the automated scoring:


The blocks:

  1. The Direct Channel
  2. The Direct Restorative Prep or the "X"
  3. The Direct Prosthodontics Prep or the "O"
  4. The Indirect Restorative Prep or the "X"
  5. The Indirect Prosthodontics Prep or the "O"