4.4.2 Course Objectives for the Pre-Admissions Boot Camp

What are the objectives for the Pre-Admissions Hand Skills Course and Assessment?

The objectives are to learn:

  • Preparation for Admissions
  • Work with Teams
  • Learn from Didactic Lectures
  • Learn, Elevate, and Prove Evidence of Hand Skills
  • Take a Personality Test
  • Learn about the Dental Industry
  • Learn about the Dental School Environment
  • Learn about Professional Behavior
  • Learn about Tooth Numbering
  • Learn about Dental Anatomy
  • Learn about Dental Materials
  • Learn about Digital Dentistry

Objectives are tested via:

  • 3 hours of preparation and learning for hand skills
  • 1 hour exam on hand skills
  • 5 Formative Didactice Exams
  • 1 Summative Didactic Exam