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5.4.1 Information Technology Alignment and Approval for Installation

What is the process for gaining IT alignment and approval to install the Simodont?

When a Simodont is purchased or leased, the process begins for order delivery and installation.  The first meeting conducted is with the Information Technology department.  The Simodont is an advanced piece of technology that can be installed in a number of ways, each of which require alignment with the IT department.   


Promethean Dental Systems works with the IT department to discuss order delivery, the location of the Simodont will be installed and the type of installation being performed.  The order delivery is typically scheduled the Friday before the week of installation.  The Simodont is received by the customer and remains in storage until the installation begins.  The location of the Simodont is typically a room that can be locked or has restricted access.  The location must have power for a Universal Power Supply, which will support the Simodont and a network switch.  Promethean Cloud Support Services do not use a local Simodont server and instead use a cloud server that is accessed via a direct VPN through a firewall that is installed with the Simodont.  A cloud installation requires approval from the IT department to provide dedicated IP access for the cloud server via the firewall.  This access provides a means Promethean Dental Systems l to update, maintain and support the Simodont.  Approval for this dedicated cloud services approach does not require direct network access can be less challenging that a local installation.  All approvals must be finalized prior to order delivery being scheduled.