7.1.1 PDS Complete CE Overview

What is PDS Complete CE?

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Promethean Dental Systems provides a learning management system (LMS) for online and live PACE accredited courses and custom simulations and CE compliance tracking in partnership with CE Zoom, called PDS Complete CE.  All courses are categorized and created by the lecturers and authors dentists depend on for learning.  PDS provides distribution for all courses, which are beautifully designed and delivered in a Netflix type video learning interface.


Patient Centric Simulation is the first end to end full mouth reconstruction workflow using a simulated patient and all the tools (multimodal) currently available in dental education. A simulated patient is created in a IHR system, containing a complete record of their health history, clinical examination, radiographs, etc. A treatment plan and sequence of treatment is developed, and a scheduling software is utilized to make patient appointments.  The treatment plan is simulated to assess the skills required for a full mouth reconstruction, while tracking and managing the associated production target for the patient.