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8.2.1 Remediate+ Customized Curriculums

How do I create a customized curriculum using Remediate+?

  • The process for remediation services as follows:
    1. Evaluation
    2. Remediation Proposal
    3. Onboarding
    4. Delivery
    5. Assessment
    6. Final Results
  • The State Board of Dentistry conducts its Evaluation of a licensed professionals per its defined process.
  • Once the board determines that remediation services may be required, the board will request a Remediation Proposal from Promethean Dental Systems. The following steps will be taken:
    1. Provide a copy of the remediation needs for the licensed professional to Promethean Dental Systems.
    2. Promethean Dental Systems will evaluate the needs and design a custom remediation curriculum or the Remediation Proposal. Promethean Dental Systems will select courses from the Promethean Dental Systems Master Course List that includes all modes of learning to fairly examine and assess the licensed professional. The customization is not by course, as courses are designed to be conducted and assessed in the same, fair and objective manner for any individual. The customization is the type of courses proposed and the number of hours for each remediation need or requirement. Each Remediation Proposal will be given a fee that is negotiable both to be more or less expensive to fit the commission’s needs and requirements.
    3. Once the Remediation Proposal is provided to the State Dental Board, Promethean Dental Systems will be available to the board or any attorneys involved in the process to answer any questions about the proposed approach and associated fees in order to gain approval and acceptance to onboard the licensed professional and deliver the customized curriculum.