Performance Bootcamp


The Performance Bootcamp will reveal the dental school admissions process as well as emerge you into the world of dentistry.  You will have an opportunity to learn, assess your performance, and get valuable feedback to enhance your application.  The 2-Day experience covers a range of dental topics through a series of learning courses and keynote speakers, patient-less simulation, school tours, admissions interview, and hands-on dental activities.  Upon completion of this Performance Bootcamp, you will have a profile listing your scores, skills and assessments as well as knowledge needed to improve your dental school application and interview capabilities, which can be used when applying to any dental school.  

Next 2 Camp Dates:

December 12-13 - Full

December 14-15 - seats still available


Performance Bootcamp Goals


The Performance Bootcamp is integrated into the Admissions Selection Process for Lincoln Memorial University, It provides performance feedback for applicants, allowing them to augment their credentials for the admissions process by adding performance assessments of:

  a) Dental Acumen

  b) Emotional Intelligence

  c) Dental Performance 


  - 2 days of camp, does not include transportation, hotel and non-lunch meals
  - Orientation and school tour
  - Instruction on application preparation for admissions   

  - 23 online classes, including 10 Insights on Dentistry Discussion Sessions
  - 2 lunch and learns with the leader of the Admissions Team
  - 3 hours of Dental Performance on the Simodont
  - 3 guest speakers from the Dental Industry
  - Dental School Admissions Interview
  - 2 hours of group exercises


How Performance is Evaluated



Learn About Patient-Less Simulation


About Bootcamp Learning Courses



What Elite Applicants Are Saying

Great program! As a future dentist I got to experience some of the hand skills needed for this career and also learned some basic terminology. It really helped me know that this is the career for me before I start school.

Haley D.
Performance Bootcamp Graduate

Very well-rounded overview of everything needed to get into dental school, with lots of valuable time with faculty and professionals.

Griffin W.
Performance Bootcamp Graduate

I loved the program! It gave me a lot of insight into my technical abilities and a way of assessing my ability to perform technically before I go to dental school!

Henry M.
Performance Bootcamp Graduate

10/10 Would recommend to any student/person who is interested in dentistry! I learned its a whole different set of hand skills required to be an dentist than it is to be an assistant!

Shianne M.
Performance Bootcamp Graduate


Elite Applicant Award for 2022-2023