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Partnering with SRTA to Evolve Licensure Exams

The States Resources for Testing and Assessments (SRTA) and Promethean Dental Systems (PDS) have formed a partnership to offer on-demand dental licensure exams for graduating dental students in locations across the country. The new exam locations will be at testing facilities using PDS’s advanced Simodont Dental Trainer dental simulation systems and the manikin-based exam.  At this time, no patient exams are available at our PDS locations.  

“Our collaboration with PDS is an exciting move in the right direction for dental and hygiene students, educators, and state boards,” said SRTA President Gerry Walker, DMD. “With PDS, we are providing a new model of testing for candidates that no other agency offers, allowing the ultimate flexibility for our students.”

Dental and dental hygiene schools across the country already use PDS’ Simodont Dental Trainer, but it has not been used for testing in this manner until today. The new testing process offers unprecedented real-life dental situations in a safe environment using a combination of the Simodont Dental Trainer and the manikin with analytical computerized grading instead of patients, as has typically been done with the dental exam process. Using the Simodont Dental Trainer with the manikin for testing also brings completely objective grading via machine grading with precise computations and visual documentation of grading.

Using the Simodont Dental Trainer, our exam committee can work with state board members to create a custom exam for each portion of the licensure exam – endodontic, fixed prosthodontics, restorative, and periodontal scaling.  This combination approach allows a nimble strategy for testing that SRTA can update with minimal overhead costs each year.

The multimodal dental exam, first to be offered in Athens, GA, at a Promethean testing facility, is a hybrid exam that begins with a virtual haptic simulation of a procedure in which the students prepare their restorations then perform the restorations on the manikin.  

“Our testing centers offer a stress-free examination environment for students. Candidates can now take a dental licensure exam on their terms, without the stress of the typical masses of students and patients on exam day,” said PDS senior vice president Mary Jane Hanlon, DMD. “Our multimodal system and research-proven fidelity provide an outstanding and effective testing experience for our candidates.”

This new exam system continues SRTA’s tradition of continuing to seek improvements and modernization for dental exams. The agency prides itself on being the first in the market to offer manikin-based exams in response to the COVID pandemic. SRTA’s manikin exams were being created and piloted by the agency well before the pandemic in response to the industry’s concerns about the safety, efficacy, and ethics of performing examinations on live patients.

“SRTA has always prioritized students and patients in the development of our exam. PDS has expanded our ability to be flexible in our exam, including the ability to expand our testing modules to allow for us to be the most comprehensive and impartial exam on the market today,” said Gerry Walker, DMD.

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What Makes SRTA Different


State Boards

  • Customized to state requirements. Whatever the state wants, we want. Includes procedures and grading criteria.
  • Three modes of exams: Patient, Manikin, and Multimodal.
  • SRTA is accepted by 36 State Dental Boards - 72% of the states and territories.
  • Our exam supports the state boards mission of ensuring the safety of the public.




  • SRTA and PDS are committed to continuous innovation and improvement.
  • All SRTA examiners are present or past state dental board members or educators.
  • Lowers the overhead cost to schools, so they no longer have to hold the exam if they don’t want to.
  • Helps lower the cost of dental education by holding the exams at other approved locations.




  • Less stressful process at PDS locations.
  • More convenient for candidates by providing locations and the ability to schedule the exam when they are ready to take it.
  • 75% passing rate target.
  • Objective grading and visual documentation ENSURES you pass or fail. 
  • Simulated assessment provides evidence of hand skills ensuring the safety of the public. 

SRTA Exams Are Accepted In More Than 75% Of The U.S. 


The Multimodal Examination is the Future of Licensure Examinations

The multimodal examination combines the Simodont Dental Trainer, the Manikin and Digital Dentistry.  The Simodont Dental Trainer simulates the patient with incredible dental fidelity and automatically grades the examination as you complete the procedure.  We use the Simodont Dental Trainer for all subtractive procedures.  We combine the Simodont Dental Trainer with the Manikin to perform all additive procedures, thus providing multiple modes of testing a candidate's performance.  All Manikin procedures are graded using intraoral scanners and machine grading software, so all grading is objective and fair to the candidate.  SRTA and Promethean Dental Systems will focus on our goal of evolving the licensure examination.  Learn more about the Multimodal Licensure Examination below, by watching the video interview with Dr. Mary Stanley, the first licensed dentists on a Multimodal Licensure Examination. 

Most supplies are provided for licensure examinations, but some candidates choose to rent instruments and equipment.  Please select items you wish to rent for your licensure examination at our PDS locations and place your order with Scheduling using the form at the bottom of this page!

Read What Licensure Examination Customers Are Saying

As much as human graders try to be objective, they have their biases on what they like to see in a preparation…a computer based system that removes their opinions is important. Promethean Dental Systems removed all the stress associated with the licensure examination. I only had to be concerned with myself in my preparations for the licensure examination.
Dr. Mary Stanley
Dr. Mary Stanley
Licensed on the Multimodal Licensure Examination
What a wonderful testing experience. I was able to schedule a time that was convenient for me, perform in a private operatory, and get an objective grade for each portion of the licensure examination. Promethean Dental Systems made the process of my exam super smooth and stress free.
Dr. Katrina Co
Licensed on the Manikin Licensure Examination