Developing Elite Dental Applicants

Promethean Dental Systems provides a Virtual Dental School Advisor for Educating, Developing, and Supporting Dental Applicants.  Promethean Dental Systems provides advise, a milestone roadmap and Performance Bootcamps to prepare undergraduate students for application to dental school. Our community supports applicant performance development and helps applicants stay on track to become an Elite Dental Applicants.

Athletic recruits rely on coaches to become an elite athlete. Dental applicants can rely on the Promethean Dental Systems’ Virtual Advisor to provide guidance, coaching, insights and support to become an Elite Dental Applicant.


Dental Admissions Virtual Advisor

Undergraduate Health and Sciences students are supported by advisors who advise on numerous career paths.  Their time is limited and does not allow them to focus solely on Dental Careers.  Promethean Dental Systems engages undergraduate students who have an interest in Dentistry and provides a Virtual Advisor that advises, provides insights and analytics, educates, develops, and supports them to become an Elite Dental Applicant, prior to dental school. The Dental Admissions Virtual Advisor provides a milestone roadmap for dental applicants that includes learning courses, dental school and dental company presentations, advanced application preparation tools, individual insights and industry analytics.

Athletic recruits attend camps to further develop and assess their skills to become elite athletes. Dental Applicants can attend a Promethean Dental Systems’ Performance Bootcamp to further develop and assess their level of performance, meet future classmates, and be regarded as an Elite Dental Applicant.


Performance Bootcamp

Promethean Dental Systems collaborates with Lincoln Memorial University to provide 2-Day Performance Bootcamp.  The bootcamps are typically scheduled during Spring Break, June, July, August, and December when students are not in school, but can be offered on Fridays and Saturdays for provide more slots for potential applicants.  Each bootcamp can have up to 32 participants who want to assess their abilities to perform dentistry and assess their readiness for dental school.  Our faculty and advisors help applicants prepare for admissions, perform patient-less simulation, work with teams, complete learning courses, get a personality assessment, learn about professional behavior, and provide valuable feedback that helps dental applicants improve their performance and positioning for the application process and become an Elite Dental Applicant.

What people are saying about developing Elite Dental Applicants ...




"Promethean Dental Systems collaborated with our team to design and implement the first Pre-Admissions Bootcamp that provides multimodal learning and simulation and provides a competitive advantage for admissions."


Trish Walker - Lincoln Memorial University, Associate Dean




"I had such an incredible experience with Promethean Dental Systems. They provided me with insight on the dental profession and introduced me to similar didactic courses that I would take in dental school. The Simodont training, amazing staff and admissions preparation set this Bootcamp apart from the rest. I highly recommend all pre-dentals to take advantage of this program!."


Hallea Rae Barnhill - Performance Bootcamp Graduate