Developing Elite Dental Professionals

Promethean Dental Systems provides Performance Learning in partnership with Lincoln Memorial University.  We provide courses in every mode of learning, including patient-less simulation and maxi-courses. All courses are developed by recognized KOLs and the faculty at LMU.  Our approach helps you meet your CE requirements and improve your skills and performance to help you provide comprehensive patient care and improve your earnings.  We also provide comprehensive Professional Remediation Services in partnership with the AADB Remediate+ program.






Elite professional athletes continue to practice, develop new skills, and maximize their performance to become an elite professional. Dental Professionals can leverage the Promethean Dental Systems’ Performance Learning at LMU to meet their annual CE requirements and develop new dental service and practice management skills, making them an Elite Dental Professional.


Performance Learning

Promethean Dental Systems collaborates with LMU to provide Performance Learning.  All courses and subscriptions are distributed in channels that leverage a National KOL network, led by LMU Faculty.  Learning channels include Topical Areas of Dentistry and Dental Products.  All Dental Product subscriptions include products leveraged by Elite Students, Professionals and Practices at LMU and The Performance Institute, by LMU Faculty.  All modes of learning are used in courses and subscriptions and accredited through AGD Pace.  All courses are delivered using a Learning Management System that provides easy, only access to learning.

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Performance Learning Courses and Subscriptions
Elite professional athletes sometimes fail to perform. In some cases, failures can lead to loss of playing time or job loss. Dental Professionals are held to a high standard and when they fail, State Boards can leverage the Promethean Dental Systems’ Professional Remediation Services to evaluate, guide and support Dental Professionals to get back to performing like an Elite Dental Professional.


Professional Remediation Services

Promethean Dental Systems provides the AADB Remediate+ program, which is an advanced remediation program designed to support State Dental Boards in their mission to educate oral health practitioners who show signs of benefiting from additional training in the areas of professional conduct, clinical and practice management.  Promethean Dental Systems also provides clinical  monitoring services that use a multimodal provide evidence of completion and performance to professionals and state dental boards, post-remediation.  Promethean Dental Systems also provide risk monitoring services that provide proactive insights and mitigation strategies for risk.

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Performance Learning Courses & Subscriptions