Stage 5: Remediate+




Remediate+ is an exclusive partnership with the American Association of Dental Boards (AADB). It is a fully customized remediation program designed to help support State Dental Boards in their mission to educate oral health practitioners who show signs of benefiting from additional training. All courses are standardized and use a multimodal remediation curriculum that is customized to fit the remediation needs of the professional. We provide online, visual results that provide evidence of completion and evidence of performance to professionals and state dental boards, post-remediation.




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Remediate+ Overview

The Remediate+ Process

5 Step Remediation Process


The Remediate+ Course Catalog

  • Record Keeping
  • Comprehensive Exam and Health History
  • Treatment Planning and Sequencing
  • RPD Design
  • Oral Radiology
  • Infection Control
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Professional Ethics
  • Risk Management
  • Pharmacology
  • IV Drip Sedation
  • TMD Diagnosis
  • TMD Treatment
  • Basic Hand Skills

  • Restorative Diagnosis
  • Restorative Treatment
  • Restorative Formative Assessment
  • Restorative Simulation
  • Implant Diagnosis
  • Implant Treatment
  • Implant Complications
  • Bio-mechanical Considerations for Implants
  • Single Tooth or Multiunit Implant Restoration
  • Full Arch Reconstruction
  • Implant Formative Assessment
  • Implant Simulation
  • Fixed Prosthodontics Dental Cements
  • Fixed Prosthodontics Material Selection
  • Fixed Prosthodontics Wax Up
  • Fixed Prosthodontics Formative Assessment
  • Fixed Prosthodontics Simulation
  • Endodontic Diagnosis
  • Endodontic Treatment
  • Endodontic Formative Assessment
  • Endodontic Simulation
  • Periodontal Diagnosis
  • Periodontal Treatment
  • Periodontal Formative Assessment
  • Periodontal Simulation
  • Prophies
  • Probing Depth
  • Scaling
  • Polishing
  • Hygiene Formative Assessment
  • Hygiene Simulation
  • Hygiene Recertification
  • Dental Recertification

Partnering with AADB to deliver Remediate+

AADB Remediate +

Learn About The Value of Promethean Dental Systems

Comprehensive/Standardized Courses 

Promethean Dental Systems has partnered with the AADB to provide a reliable, fair, objective, and accurate remediation program. Choose from a comprehensive course catalog of standardized courses that elevate remediation standards. All didactic courses have formative assessments on an array of required topics and clinical procedures. Classes provide a first-of-its-kind simulation for each procedural area, providing the first-ever objective evidence of completion and performance. We provide State Dental Boards a fair and accurate method to remediate professionals with detailed analysis, insights, and analytics to support State Board decisions. Professional dental educators deliver all courses.

Customized To Each Professionals Needs

Remediation spans from one extreme to another across states. From one extreme where states allow their professionals to self-select or assign didactic continuing education courses that do not prove completion or performance; to another extreme, where dental schools deliver expensive, comprehensive programs that are one size fits all, can be overbearing to the professional being remediated. Promethean Dental Systems provide state dental boards with the ability to choose the courses that fit each professional's specific needs, tailoring a remediation curriculum that ensures the results, and provides evidence of completion and performance.

Accurate and Objective

Our team uses machine grading for accuracy and objectivity. We remove human subjectivity, making our licensure examinations completely objective for candidates. Our licensure examination does not use examiners. Instead, we call them monitors. These monitors support you during the licensure examination, and when you complete a section, our monitors grade you using machine learning. All grading is completed the day of the examination, including a secondary review by a lead monitor for quality assurance purposes.  


Visual Evidence of Performance

Because we use machine learning to grade licensure examinations, your results are available to you through the Promethean Dental Systems Member Portal the same day as your examination. Quickly log in and view your licensure examination results. This visual feedback provides you with entirely objective results that are not compromised by human subjectivity. The results are also shared with your dental school and state dental board. If you fail sections of the licensure examination, you are allowed to retake those sections for free, once again at a convenient time.

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