SRTA Licensure Examinations

Learn more about our Practice Courses and Licensure Examinations for dental and dental hygiene students. Promethean Dental Systems partners with SRTA to deliver licensure exams.  We support SRTA on three different testing modes: Patient, Manikin and Multimodal.  All Manikin and Multimodal licensure exam procedures are machine graded making them accurate and objective.  We also offer the non-dental school testing sites where licensure candidates can schedule exams individually, at their own convenience. 




Delivering Elite Licensure Examinations

SRTA and Promethean Dental Systems partner to deliver three unique examinations: Patient, Manikin and Multimodal. As partners, our goal is to evolve the licensure examination by being candidate-focused, bringing the most modern and innovative thoughts and practices to dental and hygiene licensing and offering the most options to candidates. Our licensure examinations are more convenient, less stressful, higher quality, and objectively graded.  All of our exams use the same grading criteria with different modes of testing.


More Convenient

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Low Stress

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Higher Quality

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Objectively Graded

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SRTA Licensure Examinations are Accepted in 76% of the U.S.

SRTA PDS State Map Nov 2023


The Multimodal Examination is the Future of Licensure Examinations

The multimodal examination combines the Simodont, the Manikin and Digital Dentistry.  The Simodont simulates the patient with incredible dental fidelity and automatically grades the examination as you complete the procedure.  We use the Simodont for all subtractive procedures.  We combine the Simodont with the Manikin to perform all additive procedures, thus providing multiple modes of testing a candidate's performance.  All Manikin procedures are graded using intraoral scanners and machine grading software, so all grading is objective and fair to the candidate.  SRTA and Promethean Dental Systems will focus on our goal of evolving the licensure examination.  Learn more about the Multimodal Licensure Examination below, by watching the video interview with Dr. Mary Stanley, the first licensed dentists on a Multimodal Licensure Examination. 


Licensure Examination Supplies

Supplies and rentals are included with the site fee for licensure examinations.  This includes:

  1. Site Fee
  2. High Speed and Low Speed Handpieces, 4 Hole
  3. Endodontics Cassette
  4. Periodontal Cassette
  5. Prosthodontics Cassette
  6. Rubber Dam Kit
  7. Supplies


What people are saying about developing SRTA Licensure Examinations ...

As much as human graders try to be objective, they have their biases on what they like to see in a preparation…a computer based system that removes their opinions is important. Promethean Dental Systems removed all the stress associated with the licensure examination. I only had to be concerned with myself in my preparations for the licensure examination.
Dr. Mary Stanley
Dr. Mary Stanley
Licensed on the Multimodal Licensure Examination
What a wonderful testing experience. I was able to schedule a time that was convenient for me, perform in a private operatory, and get an objective grade for each portion of the licensure examination. Promethean Dental Systems made the process of my exam super smooth and stress free.
Dr. Katrina Co
Licensed on the Manikin Licensure Examination