Performance Learning

Promethean Dental Systems collaborates with LMU to provide Performance Learning.  All courses and subscriptions are distributed in channels that leverage a National KOL network, led by LMU Faculty.  Learning channels include Topical Areas of Dentistry and Dental Products.  All Dental Product subscriptions include products leveraged by Elite Students, Professionals and Practices at LMU and The Performance Institute, by LMU Faculty.  All modes of learning are used in courses and subscriptions and accredited through AGD Pace.  All courses are delivered using a Learning Management System that provides easy, only access to learning.



Performance Learning Subscriptions

Recertification Subscriptions
Dental Focus Area Subscriptions-1
Best-in-Class OEM Subscriptions-1
Core Dental Role Subscriptions-1
Recertification Subscriptions
Dental Focus Area Subscriptions
Best-in-Class OEM Subscriptions
Dental Role Subscriptions