Begin with the end in mind

May 8, 2021

Dr. Mary Jane Hanlon

SVP, North America




In a perfect world, we would have everything we ever wanted. Well, maybe not. Why?  Because if you can’t “see” what we want, how can you create it? To “see it,” you must be it. It’s as simple as acting as if you are it or “see” it as completed. As Stephen Covey has said, “Begin with the end in mind,” and I’ll add, then create the steps back to where you are today. It’s as simple as climbing a set of stairs with each rung indicating the next step that has to be taken to get where you want to go.


You’re in high school, and you have figured out what you want to do with your life. Like me, you might be around 14, and you have just announced to your mom or dad or anyone who will listen – “I am going to be a dentist!” Not, “I want,” you stated, “I am.” What is the difference, you wonder? The difference is HUMUNGOUS! I want implies you are “thinking about it,” but there is still hesitation in that statement. I am is definitive. It is on point, and it’s on purpose. Congratulations! You now have the end in mind! Now, all you need to do is figure out how to get there!


BUT, before you go all in and pretty much work hard over the next 8-10 years, how are you going to know for sure that you will be good at this? Believe it or not, this is an important question. You can shadow (watch a dentist work), but given the challenges with the COVID pandemic, it is unlikely that you’ll be able to “visit” an office any time soon. In all practices, we must limit the number of people near each other to maintain social distancing requirements.  


One of the critical elements to ensuring you will be great at the profession is recognizing whether you have good eye-hand coordination. Never before have we been able to test this ability in dentistry until now. Testing hand skills is one of the hardest things for us at the educational level. Realizing that one of our students, now a couple of hundred thousand dollars in debt after their first couple of years of dental school, cannot make their hands do what the mind is thinking about is one of our biggest frustrations. We know it is frustrating for them too. 


Promethean Dental Systems offers the only pre-admissions program for high school and college students that explicitly tests the hand skill requirement objectively while providing feedback to ensure that you do have the capability of doing this role before you spend all that money. Education is an investment in yourself. Make sure you protect that investment by knowing without a doubt that you will be able to do what your mind thinks. Preparing ahead of college is a step on your action plan that secures your future and your investment so that you are not knocked off course or sidelined halfway through.


For more information about this new, innovative program, click this link:  Promethean Dental Systems Pre-Admission Program! We look forward to having you!

Evidence of Hand Skills

Competitive Advantage for Admissions

Lower Cost of Dental Education


Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Admission Hand Skills Course

The Pre-Admissions Hand Skills Course and Assessment provides 6-hours of hand skill training and assessment.  Students work their way through a series of blocks that mimic restorative and prosthodontics procedures using both direct and indirect vision.  Passing this course means you have the hand skills to become a dental professional. It is the only test provided that accurately evaluates hand skills prior to dental school or a hygiene program.  The course is a self-guided and is taught using the Simodont Dental Trainer.  Students schedule six, 1-hour courses, typically over a 6–10-week period.  Also included is the Pre-Admissions Learning Subscription.

Pre-Admission Subscription

The Pre-Admissions Subscription provides 22-didactic courses, 4-formative exams, 1-summative exam, preparation for your application, personal statement, admissions interview, and career options.  The course also includes a 50% discount on the Pre-Admissions Hand Skills Course.

Pre-Admissions Boot Camp

The Boot Camp is a 4-day student experience including a 4-hour hand skill course and assessment, 22-didactic courses, 4-formative exams, 1-summative exam, preparation for your application, personal statement, admissions interview, and a summary of career options. 

International Dentist Program

The International Dentist Program supports Internationally trained dentists who wish to be admitted to a dental school, an Advance Standing Program, or an Advanced Education in General Dentistry Program. 

The Pre-Admissions Bootcamp provides a combination of both the hand skill building and assessment course with the full didactic learning curriculum for Pre-Admissions.  The bootcamp is a live event that also incorporates team activities and guest speakers and is a great way to learn with fellow students.  If you prefer to learn on your own the hand skills building and assessment course and the learning subscription provide that alternative way to learn.

Students interested in applying to a dental program do not know if they are truly qualified to be a dentist or dental hygienist. Our Pre-Admission Programs provide a comprehensive look at a day-in-the life of a dental professional so that high school and undergraduate students can explore the profession and plan accordingly for college applications. Through the didactic and hand skill courses, you will determine if you have the required aptitude and psychomotor skills for dentistry and can effectively weigh your interest in pursuing a dental career.   The Pre-Admission Program gives you a competitive advantage in the dental school or dental hygiene program admissions process.

Promethean Dental Systems provides the only comprehensive International Dentist Program with an NDBE-like academic exam and a hand skill challenge exam to provide you with a competitive advantage as an International Dentist.  It is a three-part course that provides an opportunity to learn with the objectives of providing evidence of: 1) Academic Performance and 2) Clinical Performance and creating a competitive by improving applications and personal statements, as well as preparing International Dentists for behavioral admissions interviews, and providing insights and analytics on future career options.  Once purchased International Dentists have 12 months to complete the course objectives.


Clinical cases are simulated using Typodonts (Manikins) and the Simodont (Virtual Reality/Haptic Dental Trainer). Evidence of performance is provided using objective machine grading.  Clinical cases include: 

  • Restorative Preparations and Fills:  #4DO and #14DO
  • Endodontic Access Openings: 
  • Prosthodontics Preparations and Crown: #9 and Bridge #3-5

The assessment is scheduled a minimum of 3 weeks in advance in one our PDS testing locations and can be taken anytime during the 12-month duration of the program.